Training & Learning

Creating Value for You!

At Corporate Instinct, we don’t deliver ‘off the shelf’ training packages. The time that you commit to training and learning in your organisation is hugely valuable, and every organisation is unique. You will get the very best value from a training service that designs to your precise needs and specification. This approach needn’t be expensive, and means that we can “design in” a return on your investment of 400% or more.

Real Evaluation.

We don’t believe that “A great days learning” is good enough. What’s important is the difference a learning intervention makes in helping you to achieve your goals. We can enable you to efficiently and objectively measure the impact of your learning programme – the impact on competence, the impact on performance, the impact on service, the impact on your bottom line.

Examples of recent Learning projects

increased work efficencyRecent programmes include:

  • Coaching skills in Supervision & Management
  • Performance Management
  • Creative Leadership
  • Building Motivation & Engagement
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Leading and Managing Bold Change
  • Using presentation to create collaborative improvement
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Using psychometrics to create high performing teams