Richard’s role as an Executive Coach on the 20Twenty Leadership Programme has been fundamental to the programme’s success. Richard is approachable and genuine, yet unafraid to ask the difficult questions when needed. He provides a welcome fresh perspective to the current obstacles faced by many commercial organisations and has the necessary tools and skills to suggest and implement effective solutions when required.

Christopher Byrne
Creative Leadership and Enterprise Centre (CLEC). Cardiff School of Management, UWIC
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I can whole-heartedly recommend Richard. Highly skilled. Knows the world we operate in. A pleasure to work with. Very reasonable costs.

Adrian Roper
Chief Exec. Cartrefi Cymru
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The team were hugely pleased with the success of the training provided by Richard Andrews.  It struck the right balance between challenge and reflection, it was thought provoking, insightful, uplifting and motivational. 

It was great to work with someone who understood our requirements and was flexible in their training approach.  The MBTI exercise was particularly helpful in affirming both individual differences and team strengths and gave us a way to appreciate what each of us brings to the table and why sometimes we need to approach things differently.  The training supported us in identifying our key priorities for development as a team and how we could take this forward.

We’ve started implementing some of the changes identified during the training and we can already see a difference in how we work together. 

Avril Hooper, Operational Manager
Flying Start Programme Cardiff Council
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RIchard Andrews changed the way I veiw myself and my career. His coaching and mentoring over a period of nine months inspired me to challenge myself and others. The active and dynamic style of Corperate Instinct was the start I didn't know I needed. I would recommend everyone at any level take

Ross Coward
Cartrefi Cymru
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We asked Richards advice about someone to give a conference presentation on Timebanking, and before long we were asking him to do it!

It was great to work with Richard and to discuss ideas along the way. His presentation was great - full of energy and enthusiasm and drawing in the experience of others, both in person and with video

Fiona Lidell
Wales Council for Voluntary Action
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I now have a better understanding of myself and as such provide a much more effective model to my colleagues and the team which I manage and now mentor. I am now more productive and have found myself able to take on responsibilities I had previously thought were out the range of my abilities. The support team have noticed this and it reflects in their work practices as I now have much higher expectations of them to take responsibility for their own actions.

Care Services
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We moved six months in one day!

An International NGO
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I have known Richard for many years as a valued member of the Welsh leadership and development community. Richard is always knowledgeable, interesting and thought provoking. If you are considering working with him then please do as I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Rebecca Jones
Red shoe biz woman
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My first coaching session with Richard took me from nerves, to tears, to relief, to motivation. A previous experience with coaching had left me doubtful of its value, however, one session with

Richard dispelled any concerns that I had. Richard has the skill to draw out the ideas and solutions that are lurking in one's mind whilst clearing the fog created by pressure and stress.

I would thoroughly recommend Richard as a coach, I look forward to my sessions with him with tremendous enthusiasm as I know that I will come away with the feeling that a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Coaching Client
NHS Wales
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