About Us

Corporate Instinct was founded to support organisations in delivering change and improvement in clever, emotionally intelligent ways. This is a real, 'bottom line' based approach that delivers sustainable change, - and develops internal capacity to respond positively and instinctively to future challenges.

Corporate Instinct is a small, flexible company. We have built strong associate links with colleagues with a similar value-base and particular areas of expertise and can deliver a wide range of development services scaled for small or large organisations.


Richard Andrews

Richard Andrews

Richard is Managing Director of Corporate Instinct Ltd. and has over twenty years experience in generating business improvement through learning and organisational development. Having managed a learning and development service in a commercial setting, driven organisational development services for a large, multi-site public service organisation and developed National organisational development strategy and collaboration working across organisations for a national governmental organisation, he has substantial experience of the development challenges and solutions in a wide range of organisations.

I have seen so many change programmes fail, - or not achieve their potential for adding value - simply because people are not put first! A new system or procedure won't change a thing if the people who are delivering it are not motivated to apply it, - but no procedure in the world ever stopped a group of enthusiastic, skilled and focused people from doing amazing things!


Mary Hughes

Olwen Marry Hughes

Mary Hughes has worked in Education, Whitehall and at the heart of one of the most forward-looking regional governments in the UK.  Experience has taught her the importance of outcomes over individual agendas, collaboration and partnership. Mary’s particular contribution as Associate comes from over thirty years’ hands-on learning about delivering change through people, whether internally or in the delivery of a policy agenda.  Her achievements include: leading specialist elements of change programmes; designing and delivering talent and selection exercises at many levels; employee engagement strategies; policy research and development; and cross-agency OD programmes.  A qualified, experienced coach, mentor and facilitator, she also brings a diverse network of relationships in academia and international business, as well as the public and third sectors in the UK.

People need to find meaning in what they do.  Only then will they really engage and find the motivation to innovate and the resolution to act differently.  The exciting bit is inspiring and giving the space for all that wealth to be released.  The clever bit is about sustaining it.