Change Programmes

Genuine, focused and sustainable organisational change is fundamental to success in any organisation. Yet many organisational cultures and processes seem highly resistant to change. Sometimes it seems like the more you pull in one direction, the greater the forces pulling in the other!

The truth is that most of us find change profoundly difficult. It brings out our insecurities and anxieties and sometimes leads us to behave very differently to normal. To be effective and sustained, it is important to work on the human aspects of change as well as the change process itself.

At Corporate Instinct, we can support you to develop a really effective change and organisational development journey working with and engaging the energy of your staff. We can take a group of staff or managers on a business focused change journey, engaging a range of tools and approaches: Training, coaching, communications, system & policy development, etc. to really deliver on what’s important whilst developing internal talent and capacity to manage and deliver change into the future.